I Promise You

I know I can’t always keep secrets-
Let’s face it, I always need to tell someone
or else it swallows me alive

I know I don’t always make sense-
My mind just isn’t the same as everyone else,
and I just can’t always find the right words

I know I act detached,
and try to push you away-
Just know it’s because I can’t make sense of anything

And you just seem too good to be real

I know I have my problems-
But, then again, I suppose you understand
We both have our trials

Despite all this,
I promise you I’m happy-
Even if it doesn’t always seem like it

I promise you I’m trying-
I will get better,
I won’t disappoint you

You care so much for me, and try to make me happy-
I love you,
I promise you


~ by Little Miss Moon on November 3, 2012.

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